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Q: How do i login?
A: You do not.

Q: What timezone is used?
A: GMT (London time). This is all done server-side, your locale time is never used.

Q: I know the ID to a message but I can't remember what board or thread it was in!
A: You can use "/p/<message_id>" to jump to the message. The message will also be highlighted for convienence.

Q: Does the plaintext password option actually store the password as plain text?
A: Yes it does, I would advise against using it though if you really care.

Q: I have found a bug but I don't know where or how to report it!
A: Send me an email by clicking here. Please try to provide an in-depth step by step process so I can reproduce the bug more easily and quickly.


Holy COW the database got FLUSHED

Created at: 10 January 2022, 21:23:44 (09:23:44PM)
As the title reads, yes. The database got flushed again. Suck rat milk I don't care! Hopefully I have truly solved the riddle of the 666 board and some other nonsense. Keep scratching at my door rat folk! Oh yes and you can now post as yourself instead of "Anon" if you're logged in, will make that an option later.